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Derek Holden dsh2120@draper.com
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 07:30:14 -0500

At one time Garrett Rooney was actively pursuing this,


I went down this road back then also, though I was never able to get it to 
fully compile. There were a lot of little things such as undefined error 
numbers and function signatures, at least when I looked at it.

If you want to try, you should install from your ports collection: 
autoconf, automake, gmake, pk-config, glib13, linuxthreads, and pth-1.4, 
mostly from the devel and lang packages.

At 2/10/2002 05:55 AM, buccaneer12@gmx.de wrote:
>is it possible to compile the cvs-snapshots of the mono runtime under
>FreeBSD (4.5)?
>Which libraries are required?
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