[Mono-list] ASP

Patrik Torstensson totte@labs2.com
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 12:02:02 +0100

Hi All,
I'll describe what I almost have ready to release under the X11 agreement.
The following ASP.Net runtime classes:
HttpContext    (misses link to application but that's a small issue)
HttpResponse  (just misses a few methods)
HttpRequest    (misses 12 methods like MapPath etc but they are easy to implement)
HttpResponseHeaders (used to send headers)
HttpWriter (output handling)
The classes supports HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1, that includes POST data parsing (still missing multipart parsing but that's underway) and the output classes supports buffering and chunked encoding.
My implementation uses a provider interface [1] instead of the virtual HttpWorkerRequest class that ASP.Net uses. The ASP.Net runtime has a number of limitations and and we could make a better implementation of the HttpRuntime and the HttpWorkerRequest. The good thing is that the HttpXXX classes will easily be used on a different server like apache or likewise. My idea is that our HttpWorkerRequest class will implement thje IHttpIOHandler interface (our interface) that our web server stubs supports. We don't need the IISAPIRuntime interfaces.. they are MS internal implementation and the documentation now says : "This type supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code."
I have also implemented a Server. The HttpServer and HttpReqsponseHandler that is the base of the HTTP/1.0 1.1 web server. It uses separate threads for each request (as the ASP.Net runtime) and the reason for that is the possibility to call end in HttpResponse. (end throws a thread abort exception that is the only exception you can catch and it will be rethrown).
The HttpServer API is very simple:
HttpServer(int Port)
HttpServer(int Port, bool UseDNS)
Listen()   // Starts the operations
RegisterHandler(string sURLWildcard, IHttpHandler Handler);
UnregisterHandler(IHttpHandler Handler);
// TODO: Implement module support
AddModule(IHttpModule Mod);
RemoveModule(IHttpModule Mod);
And that's it. The API names will be changed to better names. ;)
The module support is not yet done because we need to HttpApplication first but that's again a small issue.
So, this code is 95% ready and I will finialize it during the coming 2 days so if you wait I can post it and we will have a good base. I need to make a number of tests also but that could be done after release to the community.. 
- Patrik Torstensson
[1] IHttpIOHandler
string GetHttpVerbName();

string GetHttpVersion();

string GetProtocol(); // Should return HTTP

string GetServerName(); // Should return local server name

int GetLocalPort(); // Should return listen port

string GetLocalAddress();

string GetQuerystring();

string GetRawUrl();

string GetServerSoftware();

string GetRemoteName();

string GetRemoteAddress();

string GetRequestHeaderString();

string GetUnknownServerVariables(); // Same encoding as headers

string GetPath(); // Should return URL path

string GetPathInfo(); // Path information (extra after the .ext in the uri

bool IsClientConnected();

bool IsEntireBodyPreloaded();

long GetBytesRead();

byte [] GetPreloadedEntityBody();

int ReadBody(byte [] buffer, int size);

void SetKeepAlive(bool bKeepalive);

void SendStatus(int Code, string Description);

void SendResponseHeader(string header, string value);

void SendResponseFromMemory(byte [] data, long Length);

void FlushResponse();

void CloseConnection();


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	> Just joined the list hours ago to see where I could contribute and this
	> caught my eye. If you would like I would be happy to write a simple web
	> server for the project. I would imagine that a web server interface would be
	> ideal, so that others could offer their own implementation as time went on.
	> The interface would need to not only abstract a web server built with .NET,
	> but also allow for out of framework servers via stubs for NSAPI, ISAPI, and
	> Apache mod.
	It is a good idea, I would like to start small, because if we start
	small, we can always evaluate the design or adapt other technologies as
	we go rather than have an all-encompassing, all-doing class and set of
	My request is to first get an API defined for how the Web Server class
	would be defined/launched from the .NET universe, post that to the list,
	and do a few iterations over it before we implement.
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