[Mono-list] New SharpDevelop version.

Mike Krüger omni_brain@hotmail.com
Sun, 3 Feb 2002 20:35:45 +0100


SharpDevleop .87b is out, mainly a bugfix/stabilize release.
(NAnt, NUnit, NDoc, NZipLib,NCvsLibrary for .NET 1.0 are included too.)

Changelog for this version :
- New features :
 + The "state" of text files is saved & restored. (bookmarks, caret,
Highlighting, buffer properties etc.)

- Old features now working :
 + Project Configuration panels for VB, JScript, Java
 + Drag & Drop
 + The "state" of a combine is saved & restored. (open files, projectscout
 + "Tool Scout" context menu now working
 + Ctrl+U file reloading (now with menuitem in the file menu)
 + Load files & projects with command line arguments

- Bugfixes : + File remove/add (references, resources too) now work
                  + When a dirty file is removed from a project no save
dirty file message box appears when
                      the removed file was open and dirty.
                  + Bug related to the error drawer fixed.
                  + Dirty untitled files can be saved with a dialog when the
window closes.
                  + Made the java language module at least functionable,
please if you contribute language bindings
                     develop the language binding to work on your system
with all features :
                         + Compile & Run project
                         + Compile & Run single file
                    After this check that you don't require a "special" path
for you compiler or virtual machine executer.
                    Then write down the requirements (like compiler x in the
path). This makes the things more easy for people
                    who are using the language binding.
                 + Tools menu now working under other operating systems than
                 + Bug with the tools menu fixed (${Assembly} as argument
                    work correctly)

                + Included bugfixes from Tyson S. Maxwell :
                    - the curly brace insertion should not insert
                       braces to the code.
                    - The find dialog has per default the current selected
text as
                       the find pattern
                + Brace highlighting now works better (it recognices now
                    in strings or comments
                + Bug with encoding fixed (should now run under Win98) ... I
                   feedback from people who use this with double wide
characters, if
                   it works.

- Syntax Highlighting:
               + Added PHP contribution from Chad Smith
               + Added C++ highlighting

- Internal Changes :
               + Formatting strategies (SmartIndenter etc.) added to the
tree, now
                   they're language dependend.
               + Workbench Layout is now added to the tree, now it is
possible to
                  define own layout managers for the workbench.
              + Changed the language binding definition, now it is more easy
to create or change language bindings.

The new addin structure which was introduced in .87 makes it easy to extend
SharpDevelop in almost
any possible way. I could need help in almost any area of the project. It
should be relative easy to understand
the SharpDevelop core system and you may learn a bit about software
engineering and programming in
general. Feel free to join the project.