[Mono-list] Questions

Joe Tennies rotund@fatnsoft.com
02 Feb 2002 01:57:18 -0600

I want to get involved.  Here's some things I need.

1) How do I join the mailing list (oh boy... another... SDL, wine-devel,
gentoo-user, and now this)

2) I don't have Windows on my computer at all anymore (wanted to do it,
but not as rapidly as I did).  I do have legal copies of Win2K and
Win98SE... if NEED be, I could reinstall them.  I would rather install
them in a virtual machine though (less crashing that way)... is there a
decent VM that's cheaper than VMWare?  (plex86 seems to be dead)

Basically, I'm wondering what I can help w/ if I don't have Windows

Please respond to me and the list (may help others later)