[Mono-list] replacement for mscoree.dll

Jason Whittington jasonw@develop.com
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 14:38:34 -0700

> BTW, the DotGNU people are also looking into adding mscoree.dll
> so
> it might be helpful to cooperate with them on this.

Have you tested this on Windows XP?  In XP and future versions of
Windows that runtime stub isn't executed [as I understand it] - rather
the OS recognizes that you're trying to run a managed EXE.  The result
would be that your version of MSCOREE.DLL might not get called the way
you think.  

Second, Why not build an extensible mscoree that is driven by some kind
of XML file? Then it would be easy to redirect based on all kinds of
criteria like assemblyname, etc.  This would actually rock - I could set
up an entry and say that when I run foo.exe I want to run it under

Something along these lines:

   <ExecutionEngine name="mono" path="c:\usr\bin\mono" 
                    cmdline="-a -b -c %assembly% />

   <ExecutionEngine name="rotor" path="c:\sscli\clix.exe" 
                    cmdline="-debug %assembly% />


<assemblyIdentity   name="foo"  publicKeyToken="c0cfbdd12338f4a4"   
                    version=" culture=neutral"/>
   <runtime name="mono" />

<assemblyIdentity   name="bar"  publicKeyToken="c0cfbdd12338f4a4"   
                    version=" culture=neutral"/>
   <runtime name="rotor"/>

I don't see any reason it couldn't work cross platform.