[Mono-list] Monkeyguide

Luis Gerardo Mendoza nomad_mx@jareth.dreamhost.com
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 13:23:01 -0800 (PST)

On Sun, 22 Dec 2002, Guenther Roith wrote:

> Hello, everybody!
> I've started Monkeyguide, (the name can be changed of course) some kind of
> tutorial about mono.

Well, I'm a newbie about mono:: and want to get deeper in it and to
colaborate in the project itself.

Of course, I still don't know how I would be participating in the
project, but perhaps I'd like to write some part of the classes library
and some documentation.

For most people like me, this kind of information, like the one you are
intending to put in "MonkeyGuide", will be very useful and of course I
want to participate and help you with it.

First of all I want to get more into mono:: to have more to talk about,
before I get totally involved in helping you, but if you think there's
something I could be doing by now, just let me now...

> {It's contains not many things, at the moment, but it hopefully will.
> - introduction to mono (technology, installation, mono, mcs, debugger, IDEs,
> Linux Kernel support)
> - C# tutorial (very incomplete, but it will grow, when I use more time on
> it.
> - Introduction to some namespaces, that are very near to the language and
> provide basic functions(like System, System.IO,
> System.Collections,System.Text, System.Threading, for now just empty pages,
> only ideas on what to cover)
> - Working with ADO.NET (installation, tutorial, information, very
> unfinished, but I'm working on it)
> - ASP.NET Webpages and WebService (unfinished, too, untested, covers
> installation, introduction, tutorial)
> - Higher-level classes: System.XML,System.Cryptography, System.Net (nothing,
> yet)
> - a link to Gnome.NET tutorial
> - Other stuff
> Note: This is not a replacement for documentation, just a guide to get
> people started.
> What do you think? If all the mentioned classes should be coverd,
> participation from the community would be needed.  Who wants to help? Should
> we put it in cvs?
> http://mono.jroith.de/monkeyguide/
> Johannes


Jerry. (a.k.a. no!MaD)