[Mono-list] Winfessor Patches for Jabber

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
19 Dec 2002 12:35:20 -0500


> Sorry I didn't contribute this sooner, but it's been pretty hectic
> around here.  We made some simple modifications to two main areas of the
> Mono class libraries in order for our code, and Jabber, to work
> properly.  I haven't kicked off the complete unit test regression after
> these patches were applied, so I could use some help verifying nothing
> was un-intentionally broken elsewhere in the tree.

Thanks for your patches and for the rationale behind the patches
(hopefully you could reply to Patrik's comments on the thread change).  

There are three things that would be nice to get from you as well:

	* Could we get a set of ChangeLog entries for the patches?

	* Does the Xml test regression test suite work with these

	* Can you provide new tests that exercise the new functionality?
	  (It seems like you only allow a new empty prefix to be passed,
	  am I right?)

> Is there any work going on to incorporate OpenSSL into the runtime?

We have not started work on this area yet, but probably we would be
using Mozilla's NSS implementation.  I wonder if you would be interested
in working in this area?  Should not be too complex, and we would help
you get started. 

> We (Winfessor developers working with Mono) will be setting up CVS so we
> can contribute our changes more efficiently.