[Mono-list] Winfessor Patches for Jabber

Torstensson, Patrik patrik.torstensson@intel.com
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 02:19:51 -0800

Hi guys,

Just a quick pop-in, the queue threshold was there to tell the thread
pool to create new worker threads to handle the load. The thread pool
should have at least one thread from the startup to handle request and
therefore it should always handle the queued items directly. Your patch
sets that value to 0, forcing the thread pool to create new threads
directly and more or less making the thread pool non dynamic, if we
should increase the speed the thread pool spans new thread the parameter
should at least be set to 1.

I will try to get an hour in the weekend to verify the threadpool
functionality (it's me that made it from the start ;-).

 Patrik Torstnesson

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> Subject: [Mono-list] Winfessor Patches for Jabber
> Good evening,
> Sorry I didn't contribute this sooner, but it's been pretty hectic
> around here.  We made some simple modifications to two main 
> areas of the
> Mono class libraries in order for our code, and Jabber, to work
> properly.  I haven't kicked off the complete unit test 
> regression after
> these patches were applied, so I could use some help verifying nothing
> was un-intentionally broken elsewhere in the tree.
> First off, we changed the ThreadPool to no longer have a five 
> item Queue
> threshold.  Any work items added to the Queue via 
> QueueUserWorkItem will
> immediately be started (until maxThreads is reached).  This appears to
> be the behavior on the Microsoft .NET Runtime and our XML 
> packet stream
> parser was based on it.  I hope this doesn't conflict with 
> any existing
> code.
> The other area that was changed was the
> XMLWriter/XMLTextWriter/XMLElement classes.  Jabber/XMPP requires that
> the xmlns attribute (with no prefix) be used on numerous nodes
> throughout a document.  We modified a few things so the empty 
> prefix on
> xmlns attributes is allowed to be repeated throughout the document.
> Someone more familiar with XML standards should take a look and make
> sure it's implemented correctly.
> We have one outstanding issue on Windows with socket disposal.  We're
> working on tracking that down right now.  Are there any known issues
> with sockets throwing win32 exceptions while closing/disposing?
> Is there any work going on to incorporate OpenSSL into the runtime?
> We (Winfessor developers working with Mono) will be setting 
> up CVS so we
> can contribute our changes more efficiently.
> Regards,
> JD Conley
> Winfessor, Inc
> www.winfessor.com
> "Life would be so much easier if we could just see the source code."