[Mono-list] PHP# - feasibility study so far - for comment

Simon Waite simon@psionics.demon.co.uk
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 20:11:48 -0000

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> On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 16:42, Alan Knowles wrote:
> > http://www.akbkhome.com/Projects/PHP_Sharp
> >
> > (you'll have to click through the advert first)
> Every time I click on http://www.akbkhome.com/Projects/PHP_Sharp, it
> returns to the advert page, so I can't get through. Looks like something
> is broken. You might want to get advert-less hosting from somewhere like
> yahoo.co.uk, or just to post your ideas to the list as plain text.
It's rather trivial to click through the advert...

... and I quote:

Anyway thanks for visiting akbkhome, just click below to see what you where


... Thinking about it, maybe you're running through a proxy or
something else that strips the Referer header...
Perhaps you would want to turn that off and comply with the w3c specs? or
the author of the website would like to have a direct link maybe like:

(NB this will not actually do anything)


Simon Waite ( first post! )