[Mono-list] PHP# - feasibility study so far - for comment

Derick Rethans mono@derickrethans.nl
Sun, 15 Dec 2002 19:16:51 +0100 (CET)

On 15 Dec 2002, Pokey the Penguin wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-12-15 at 16:42, Alan Knowles wrote:
> > http://www.akbkhome.com/Projects/PHP_Sharp
> > 
> > (you'll have to click through the advert first)
> Every time I click on http://www.akbkhome.com/Projects/PHP_Sharp, it
> returns to the advert page, so I can't get through. Looks like something
> is broken. You might want to get advert-less hosting from somewhere like
> yahoo.co.uk, or just to post your ideas to the list as plain text.

It's his own afvert, not somebody elses :)

> I'd be interested to hear what ideas you've come up with in terms of
> supporting PHP's large number of built-in functions using the .NET
> libraries. Certainly a lot of the functionality is already there, even
> more complex features like database abstraction and LDAP. Also, most
> languages I know that target the CLI are strongly typed. Doesn't PHP's
> being loosely typed present a problem?

Of course that gives some problems, but there is always the possibility 
to have a wrapper class around the PHP datatype; although would be 
somewhat slower. For the extensions, afaik you can dlsym sysmbols 
from shared objects with c# and thus you will be able to provide a 
wrapper around the PHP extensions, which can almost all be compiled as a 
shared extension. 



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