[Mono-list] class status up to date?

Jeroen Janssen japj@darius.demon.nl
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 23:15:07 +0100

Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello!
> The program that generates the status page can not always deal with all
> the classes, so there are a few classes that actually exist, but that
> CorCompare could not deal with.
> Would you be interested in working on the XSLT classes?

Well, I need to mention first that I'm *very* new to C# and .NET in 
general, so it might be good for me to not start with something I will 
drown in :)

I was actually looking at working on Tests and NUnit usage, but I can't 
seem to get things running correctly in Windows, but that might be a 
problem on my side.

Should I be able to run the tests on Windows? Or does it only run ok in 
Linux (and also: does it run with mono (windows/linux), MS .NET - this 
is interesting for me to know)

What do you mean with 'the XSLT' classes? Do you mean something in the 
System.Xml.Xsl namespace?

 > The approach that we are taking is a bit lame, but would allow us to 
catch up quickly
> to Microsoft (basically, use Libxslt with PInvoke to get the core of the
> workd done on temporary files)

Is there already something present, or would I need to write this from 
scratch (example: is the Libxslt PInvoke 'wrapper' already written?)
Jeroen Janssen