[Mono-list] class status up to date?

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
14 Dec 2002 16:51:55 -0500


> I was wondering, is the class status being kept up to date?
> I noticed the System.MulticastDelegate class is being marked as missing, 
> while CVS contains code for it.
> (note that I was trying to look for things to work on, that is either 
> partial complete or not implemented yet, and it would be nice if the 
> class status pages were up to sync with CVS :)

The program that generates the status page can not always deal with all
the classes, so there are a few classes that actually exist, but that
CorCompare could not deal with.

Would you be interested in working on the XSLT classes?  The approach
that we are taking is a bit lame, but would allow us to catch up quickly
to Microsoft (basically, use Libxslt with PInvoke to get the core of the
workd done on temporary files)

Duncan can explain what is required.