[Mono-list] Mono and VB

Guenther Roith groith@tcrz.net
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 21:41:25 +0100

> Folks,
> I'm interested in Mono support for VB.
> From reading www.go-mono.com and the related links it looks like you
> are providing:
> 1) A CLR implementation for Linux
> 2) An associated C# compiler
> 3) VB class libraries
> Which means I could:
> a) Develop and execute C# apps on Mono/ Linux
> b) Execute VB apps on Mono/ Linux -- but these apps would have to be
>    developed on Windows (because there is no Mono/ Linux resident
> My question is: have I interpreted the Mono VB support/ plans correctly?
> If not, what are the specific plans for Mono VB?

Right. But Some Mono developers are also working on a VB.NET compiler, and
there has some quite exciting work be done recently, that makes the compiler
usable for basic tasks.