[Mono-list] update on Nant & building mcs class

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr@hotmail.com
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 16:39:57 -0200

>From: Adam Keys <akeys@post.cis.smu.edu>
>To: Jeroen Janssen <japj@darius.demon.nl>
>CC: Mono List <mono-list@ximian.com>
>Subject: Re: [Mono-list] update on Nant & building mcs class
>Date: 10 Dec 2002 19:11:11 -0600
>On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 16:22, Jeroen Janssen wrote:
> > Here is the current state:
> > (note that I currently only worked on getting everything compiling with
> > csc, I will try to work on getting mcs specific updates in the near 
>So are you going to create a mono task for NAnt or will it still use the
>csc task but magically know to exec mcs?  I'd like to use NAnt to build
>my project but I'm not sure how to work around the csc/mcs thing.

We have a script called mcs that runs 'mono mcs', why not have a symlink to 
it or a copy of it named 'csc'?


Rafael Teixeira
Brazilian Polymath

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