[Mono-list] Nant & buildfile required errors? (+patch)

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
10 Dec 2002 15:39:47 -0500


> Just to check, you agree to add the buildfile attribute to the .build 
> files?
> (I wish there was a generic way to set it, because you need to specify 
> it for 'build', 'clean', 'test', etc)


> Also, I noticed the Accessibility and others not being mentioned in the 
> class\library.build. Is there a reason to not add an Assembly to the 
> library.build file, or can I just go ahead and add all missing ones?

Please add the missing ones.  It was an oversight from the mismatch
between the Windows and Linux developers that not always see the same
changes ;-)

> On a side note, not all Assemblies have a 'Test' directory. This means I 
> will remove the 'test' build target. Is that ok with you?

We should probably push for having tests on the assemblies that lack
them though.