[Mono-list] Nant & buildfile required errors? (+patch)

Jeroen Janssen japj@darius.demon.nl
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 21:08:10 +0100

>>2) is it ok for me to work on the Nant .build files (to update them for 
>>clean and mcs-build targets)? or are they being 'depreciated'?
> Yes, we could use a helping hand with that (and thanks for the previous
> feedback that you posted, am sorry if I have not been able to reply to
> your emails, but today we were cooking the 0.17 release).

Just to check, you agree to add the buildfile attribute to the .build 
(I wish there was a generic way to set it, because you need to specify 
it for 'build', 'clean', 'test', etc)

Also, I noticed the Accessibility and others not being mentioned in the 
class\library.build. Is there a reason to not add an Assembly to the 
library.build file, or can I just go ahead and add all missing ones?

On a side note, not all Assemblies have a 'Test' directory. This means I 
will remove the 'test' build target. Is that ok with you?
Jeroen Janssen