[Mono-list] mono port to OS X

Charles Wiltgen lists@wiltgen.net
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 14:38:16 -0700

jddst19@mac.com wrote...

>> Please let me know once we have binaries -- I can write a nice Mac OS X
>> installer.
>> Is it possible to integrate Mono with Project Builder?
> Actually, I am building it with project builder.  While I think that Fink
> is a Good Thing, I definitely do not want my Mac OS X becoming Linux.

I couldn't agree more that Mono's success on Mac OS X will depend in large
part on how "native" it feels.

Although I'm not talented enough to help get Mono on Mac OS X up and
running, I can makes some useful contributions once I can *use* Mono on
Mac OS X.  I have a site where I can post binaries, etc. as well.

-- Charles Wiltgen