[Mono-list] mono port to OS X

jddst19@mac.com jddst19@mac.com
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 00:15:53 -0500

> Please let me know once we have binaries -- I can write a nice Mac OS X
> installer.
> Is it possible to integrate Mono with Project Builder?

Actually, I am building it with project builder.  While I think that 
Fink is a Good Thing, I definitely do not want my Mac OS X becoming 
Linux.  (I can hug the penguin, but I don't think I can hug the Linux.)  
So I am focusing on "drag the Mono framework to your 
System/Library/Frameworks (or $HOME/Library/Frameworks) and then (for 
now) drag the .exe assembly onto the Mono application.  Eventually, I'd 
like a MRMonoAppBuilder, kind of like the MRJAppBuilder.  At that point, 
I'd probably put the whole Mono runtime into a Mono.app bundle, but I'm 
not sure.  That part is iffy.  But now you know my goal.  Luckily 
enough, it's not a very challenging goal unto itself.

Radek (rodo) gave me some pointers to Mozilla code that interests me.  
It turns out that the Mac calling convention could be a lot simpler than 
I thought.  It is essentially the Mach calling convention, I think, but 
I could be wrong.  But considering that Mach was designed for the MIPS 
R2000, and the PowerPC is a direct descendant, this is not too 
unlikely.  Kudos to DEC for giving CMU a bargain! Thanks a million, rodo!

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