[Mono-list] One Bug, Many questions

tom berger t.berger@ucl.ac.uk
27 Aug 2002 14:40:15 +0100

On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 13:10, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> Note that the mono runtime still doesn't support using type at runtime
> created with Reflection.Emit (you'd need to save the assembly and load
> the compiled type from there...).

Aha, that's probably it. I'll try it with saving and loading and see how
it works. Suggestion : Maybe until it works it can be emulated using
libraries (Saving and Loading the assembly before trying to create an

> Sample code that would reproduce the problem is appreciated.
> Inspect the method running mono under gdb: when you hit the assert
> type 'up' until you get inside mono_store_tree() and then type:
> print cfg->method->name
> and
> print cfg->method->klass->name
> Try to use the code in that method to isolate the bug in a simple test
> case.

I'll try to arrange for either CVS or at least some packaging of the
current sources so you can try and run it yourself if you want.
Meanwhile I'll also try to do some debugging on my own.

> There is no legal issue: for every piece of functionality that the MS
> runtime provides that we don't have we take patches:-)

Cool, I'll work on that. Under what namespace do I put these? Mono?
Ximian? (the original is : Microsoft.Vsa)