[Mono-list] One Bug, Many questions

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Tue, 27 Aug 2002 14:10:30 +0200

On 08/27/02 tom berger wrote:
> The cool thing about my compiler (modelled after kawa) is that it can be
> invoked in runtime, so evaluating expressions from the console simply
> compiles them and the runs the resulting code.

Note that the mono runtime still doesn't support using type at runtime
created with Reflection.Emit (you'd need to save the assembly and load
the compiled type from there...).

> I. mcs compiles the system without a problem, but i still don't manage
> to run it on mono (it works fine on windows). During compilation, when
> calling (recursively) a code generation function, mono dies with the
> following error :
> ** ERROR **: file jit.c: line 489 (mono_store_tree): assertion failed:
> (s->svt != VAL_UNKNOWN)
> Any ideas what could that be? I'm rather anxious to see the compiler
> working on mono and I would like to provide as much assistance as
> possible in eliminating these bugs but I don't really know how, so if
> anyone has any ideas what is this thing (a 'not yet implemented', simply
> a bug, my own bug - being ignored by the microsoft runtime) or how I can
> help with debugging it please tell.

Sample code that would reproduce the problem is appreciated.
Inspect the method running mono under gdb: when you hit the assert
type 'up' until you get inside mono_store_tree() and then type:
print cfg->method->name
print cfg->method->klass->name

Try to use the code in that method to isolate the bug in a simple test

> II. As part of the attempt to bring scheme to the world of .Net, I am
> trying to support the Microsoft.Vsa interfaces, so scheme could easily
> be used for ASP and as an extension language in applications. Mono still
> doesn't have these interfaces, and I was wondering : Do you want to have
> them? Is there any legal problem with them being part of the Microsoft
> namespace and not part of the standard? I could probably contribute
> them, it doesn't seem like much work. If not, are there any plans to
> support any other script engine technology in mono?

There is no legal issue: for every piece of functionality that the MS
runtime provides that we don't have we take patches:-)


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