[Mono-list] Portscanner School Project...Probably using System.Net class

Simon Waite simon@psionics.demon.co.uk
Sat, 24 Aug 2002 04:11:21 +0100

A Friend of mine has written a prototype packet sniffer in C#
and I've recently seen code that accesses raw sockets for icmp
ping(I assume - I didnt take much notice - I was looking for
somthing else) I didnt bookmark the url, but it's index by google.

If you want to pick someones brains about it try contacting my
friend about it, his web page is here:

http://www.andersoninnovations.biz (sorry for a commercial link)

Of course feel free to tell him I sent you :-)


Simon Waite

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> On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 01:45:40AM -0700, Erik C wrote:
> > For school I have to write a network port scanner in a
> > language of my choosing...in an effort to learn a new
> > language I have chosen C#
> ...
> > 1) How far along are System.Net and any other network
> > classes??
> > Will my project be a viable one if I tell my professor
> > that I am committing to using your compiler?
> To write a nice network port scanner you need packet level
> access which C# does not provide ... (or so I understood)..
> IIRC the `ACK Catcher' is the fastest scanning idea ...
> Otherwise port scanning can be done using a worker pool of
> say 10 threads and a connect & try/catch to the port ...
> This is a crude method ... IMHO ...
> Or if you have an even better idea , enlighten us please ..
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