[Mono-list] monodis: System.Object is not a valuetype

Holger Arnold harnold@gmx.de
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 11:37:37 +0200


when I create a class that directly extends System.Object, the 
automatically-generated constructor as printed by monodis looks like this:

    // method line 1
    .method public hidebysig  specialname  rtspecialname 
           instance default void .ctor()  cil managed 
        // Method begins at RVA 0x20ec
	// Code size 7 (0x7)
	.maxstack 8
	IL_0000: ldarg.0 
	IL_0001: call instance void valuetype [corlib]System.Object::.ctor()
	IL_0006: ret 
    } // end of method instance default void .ctor()

monodis should not print "valuetype" in IL_0001.