[Mono-list] Might Have Found A Way To Get GCC .NET !

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
23 Aug 2002 11:36:53 -0400


> Well, what you actually want to look at doing is making the TenDRA compiler
> produce CIL instead of ANDF/TDF, or write a TDF producer for CIL, both of
> which are pretty darn trivial.  This would allow you to compile most C/C++
> that didn't use inline (machine)assembly.

Thanks for this pointer Juli.  

I went to look at this, and your approach is indeed very interesting,
because we would get a C/C++ compilers basically for free by writing a
TFT producer for CIL.

Also the source code I have seen for Tendra so far is beautiful.