[Mono-list] Might Have Found A Way To Get GCC .NET !

Gaurav Vaish gaurav.vaish@amsoft.net
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 13:41:17 +0530

> Hey,
> sorry i've been so inactive latley but i've been reaqlly busy any way i
> found a project in sourceforge called jilc Java ByteCode to IL compiler!!!

    Thanks for the mention. ;-)
    The project is maintained by me, and currenty, I am time crunched. I am
also working on WebControls in Mono and on csmail, which I think are more
important than JILC. Anyway.

> So i'm thinkin mono adopts this project as an IL backend and then modifies
> G++ and all the other gcc front ends to emit output compatible with the
> alternative (compile to bytecode) backend then use jilc on the bytecode
> programs and voila!

    Well, if you look it that way, then I guess, it'd be better to design a
"gcil" that would directly emit the IL-bytecode instead for first making a
for-java structure and then converting it to for-IL structure for final
output. I think, making "gcil" should not be of much problem (evensomore
once you have "gcj" in your hand as reference)

Happy Hacking,
master Gaurav