[Mono-list] Corlib/nunit build on linux

Zaphod j0k3rin@yahoo.co.in
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 22:57:08 +0530

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 03:11:56PM +0000, Freddy BL wrote:
> But corlib.dll is needes by mcs, so you can not create it, in the same time. 
> Thats the reason, why the created library have ann other name.

Argh ... this is getting too complicated for me.. (guess it's time to 
upgrade my brain...)

> But rename corlib_mcs.dll to corlib.dll, then you can use your selfmade 
> corlib.

Is just renaming enough ?? ... I had this weird idea that C# assemblies/
modules contained some sort of entry in it containing the assembly name.
Or is corlib_mcs actually just the file name and not the assembly name ?