[Mono-list] Corlib/nunit build on linux

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Fri, 16 Aug 2002 15:11:56 +0000


>Can someone explain this to me, I'm confused:
>1) on linux, the corlib makefile creates > mcs/class/lib/corlib_mcs.dll,
>2) the nunit makefile references mcs/class/lib/corlib.dll
>On my machine, the nunit build is failing because
>mcs/class/lib/corlib.dll doesn't exist.
>Is there any reason why we're calling it corlib_mcs.dll ?

After creating corlib_mcs.dll, you must rename it to corlib.dll to use this 
corlib_mcs.dll is created, because the library corlib.dll is needed if you 
want to compile a program or a library.
And if youz compile a program, it would be at first deleted and then it 
would be step by step created.
But corlib.dll is needes by mcs, so you can not create it, in the same time. 
Thats the reason, why the created library have ann other name.

But rename corlib_mcs.dll to corlib.dll, then you can use your selfmade 

Freddy BL

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