[Mono-list] Is nant being used by mono ?

Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Thu, 15 Aug 2002 12:07:39 -0700

you may have noticed, however, that the makefiles for the class libs no
longer depend on static lists of source files. the list of files to
compile is generated with 'nant-like' include/exclude rules.

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The class lib is being built with nant.
And no, it doesn't yet compile or run. That's why on Linux you need

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Coming from the Java world and now working with VC++7.0, I can say that
ant is a pretty cool replacement for Makefiles. 


I'm wondering if there are any plans to start using nant to build the
class lib + test lib. I think that every project neeed/should use an
automated build process and nant + a couple of tools enables this. Is
the problem that the compiler can't run nant yet?