[Mono-list] Mono and ADO.NET

Rodrigo Moya rodrigo@ximian.com
07 Aug 2002 00:08:04 +0200

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 20:25, William Wise wrote:
> I'm developing an application utilizing ADO.NET and will want to (within
> approx. one year) eventually migrate the application to work with the Mono
> .NET implementation.
you could start right now using the ADO.NET support in mono, of course,
if you want to help filling the missing gaps while you develop your app
:-) Well, what I mean is that we're not that far to having full ADO.NET
support in Mono, and we've got a lot of working things, so if we could
get more help, we'd finish it really soon :-)

> In developing the data architecture for the application are there and
> objects I should stay away from in order to insure the smoothest possible
> transition (minimum code rewrite) to Mono's ADO.NET implementation?  (For
> example, strongly typed datasets versus untyped datasets, etc...)
we are implementing all the classes in Microsoft .NET's System.Data, so
you can be sure that things will work the same in Mono as with the MS's
implementation. We'll maybe provide extra classes to fix some things
we've found missing while developing ADO.NET in Mono, but if you keep
using the MS's System.Data classes, things will work out of the box with
no changes (or at least that's the plan :-)

> Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.  In particular I'm a little
> reticient to use the dataadapter and dataset wizards to produce .xsd files
> as I'm not sure the utilities (XSD.EXE) necessary to generate strongly typed
> datasets will be done within this timeframe.
They could be ready if we got more help for implenenting ADO.NET support
in Mono :-)

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo@ximian.com>