[Mono-list] Resource System Proposal

Guy Murphy guy.murphy@calaba.com
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 10:29:58 +0100


You point is well made, and could equally be made of absolutely any method
in the framework. Everybody could pick their favourite method to promote to
a keyword... mine would be System.Console.Write(...). Seeing how I tend to
abstract the output method for whatever app I'm working on, so all I'm every
using is _out(...), it's not really an issue.

Everybody has their own methods for dealing with the tedium of a lib, yours
is rather elegant although one might argue against the dangers of doing thus
implicitly when one of the goals of the framework is to try and be
explicit... but if ti's your own code for your own use, it makes no
odds...and that's the point. It's for every developer to choose their own
working practice on such issues should they care to impliment shortcuts.

As for bringing the fruits of Unix internationalisation to .NET, are you
porting .NET or redesigning it?... I speak with specific regard to the
spec.... there's a .NET way of doing internationalisation, and that's the
one that matters in this case. Some of the .NET methodologies will be better
than others when compaired to other frameworks... but if you start
"improving" .NET beyond it's spec what'll you'll end up with won't be .NET

Unix doing internationalisation better or worse than Windows is a complete
non-issue (there are those who would debate both ways). The only thing we
need concern ourselves with is how .NET does internationalisation.

Does .NET perhaps have a Windows bias... yes of course it does considering
its background... but you knew that before you started to impliment it. You
seek to remove the Windows bias, and it will no longer be .NET


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> > It's probably my windows-centric background but I find it hard to see
> > the problem is with gettext ("...."); ...certainly I don't see a problem
> > with the verbosity of this operation that I don't see to a greater
> > elsewhere.
> Well, it would actually have to be something like:
> System.Globalization.GetText ("String");
> Which is a lot to type ;-)
> > One could equally address the verbosity of the StringBuilder class or a
> > dozen other cases.
> I barely use StringBuilder myself, I most of the time depend on the
> overloaded string operator + ;-)
> > MS now has a reasonable degree of experience in producing RAD frameworks
> > from VB... now I hate VB, and the next chap may think Delphi is far
> > superior, but I think that the .NET class framework show's considerable
> > thought and effort toward a consistent, clear framework.... we should
> > try and stay inline with the ethos of the framework.
> My take is that in the Unix world we do have enjoyed of better designed
> tools for internationalization for some time.  We would like to bring
> this to .NET.
> Miguel.