[Mono-list] Resource System Proposal

Guy Murphy guy.murphy@calaba.com
Sat, 15 Sep 2001 10:34:18 +0100

> Another option is of course to stick with gettext ("....");

It's probably my windows-centric background but I find it hard to see what
the problem is with gettext ("...."); ...certainly I don't see a problem
with the verbosity of this operation that I don't see to a greater degree

One could equally address the verbosity of the StringBuilder class or a
dozen other cases.

Such is the nature of class frameworks that attempt to be semantically
transparent (by degree of course). Remebering that C# along with being aimed
at core development is also aimed at RAD and "light-weight" developers (like
me =). When remembering this the need for clarity can be seen as an imprtant

MS now has a reasonable degree of experience in producing RAD frameworks
from VB... now I hate VB, and the next chap may think Delphi is far
superior, but I think that the .NET class framework show's considerable
thought and effort toward a consistent, clear framework.... we should maybe
try and stay inline with the ethos of the framework.