[Mono-list] Relation of Mono to GTK+/Bonobo? (Newbie question please.)

Chris Seberino seberino@spawar.navy.mil
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 10:36:58 -0700

> There is a Gtk-sharp project in the CVS which will expose Gtk+ to C#
> (both on Linux and on Windows).  That being said, we will also
> implement System.Windows.Forms (on top of Gtk-sharp which handles all
> the lowlevel stuff).

Thanks for the reply.
Will/Can different .NET/Mono platforms have some GUI libraries
and not others? (I'm assuming System.Windows.Forms is
a GUI library like GTK+.)

What is the best wisdom on using System.Windows.Forms 
instead of GTK+ directly then?
If Ximian could encourage all new GNOME apps to be in 
one GUI library what would Ximian like that to be?
System.Windows.Forms? GTK+?

Thanks again,


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