[Mono-list] Relation of Mono to GTK+/Bonobo? (Newbie question please.)

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
28 Sep 2001 11:52:02 -0400

> Will GTK+, Bonobo and GNOME libraries
> still be visible within Mono/.NET
> with all their idiosyncrasies or will
> Mono/.NET provide new interfaces for
> GUI development that sort of hides
> all this stuff? 

There is a Gtk-sharp project in the CVS which will expose Gtk+ to C#
(both on Linux and on Windows).  That being said, we will also
implement System.Windows.Forms (on top of Gtk-sharp which handles all
the lowlevel stuff).

We will also make it simple to write a Bonobo component in C#.  Just
like you can write COM components in Windows.