[Mono-list] Progress Clarification..

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
17 Sep 2001 13:49:08 -0400

> This executable runs with the Mono Interpreter of course (see August 28)'
> When you say runs with the Mono Interpreter, does this mean you can
> compile/run a c# app using this toolkit without .NET from microsoft
> yet ??

No.  Currently the compiler is being run on Windows because we lack
some of the core class libraries (as you well point out).  

We obviously want to fill in the classes that we need as soon as
possible to make us self-hosting on Linux.

Sergey and Paolo have been contributing to System.Reflection and
System.Reflection.Emit to make this happen.

> I gather the libraries are not finished, but does it allow basic
> console/thread/socket/file apps to be written ??

Basic console is there.  Threads are being worked on.  Networking
(sockets) are fully non-existant.  Some file IO is there.

Want to contribute? :-)

Best wishes,