[Mono-list] Gtk C# Hello World

Mike Kestner mkestner@speakeasy.net
16 Sep 2001 22:51:45 -0500

I have emerged from a very steep learning curve and have checked in a
small amount of code toward a Gtk C# language binding. With the code
currently in CVS, I have successfully executed the included
gtk-hello-world app on a Win32 beta2 system.  

Essentially, all that is wrapped so far is the bare minimum to
accomplish the above.  There is an Application class to wrap the main
loop and init functions.  The Window Class creates a GtkWindow and
allows Title setting by constructor or property, and also the Delete
event and Show method of GtkWidget.  

This isn't much code, but it demonstrates a potential strategy to allow
event propagation and method invocation of the C libraries.  All that
remains is the addition of a boatload of [DllImport("gtk-1.3")]
statements.  :-)