[Mono-list] DllNotFoundException

Lloyd Dupont lloyd@galador.net
Sat, 08 Sep 2001 15:10:59 +0200

> I'm getting the above exception out of a PInvoke scenario.
?? above ?? ha ! i undersand: DllNotFoundException ?

do you write


personally i don't use cygwin bash to do my test, but simply DOS
command. and this work fine.
i do not really knows the problem but i will suggest you the following:
1. try with DOS command shell
2. put gtk-1.3.dll in your PATH (if it is not a system wide path, (if
you set it locally by PATH=.. or export PATH ..) laucnh your example in
the shell you set the path)
3. beware of directory/dll name case if you use cygwin.

hopes it help, though i am not sure