[Mono-list] FW: [Ocl-general] Questions about OCL

Bob Smith bob@thestuff.net
Fri, 7 Sep 2001 13:00:52 -0400 (EDT)

The question could be asked, since that information is written as metadata
to permit ide's and programmers to use it to create programs based on it,
does that make it published api? Its basicly just an api doc built into
the binary isnt it?

On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Carsten Kuckuk wrote:

> >>>>>
> So does this mean I can sue anyone who uses reflection on my assemblies? Can
> I sue Microsoft for creating "reverse engineering" software that
> views/reads/resolves/loads assemblies in memory?
> <<<<<
> Reflection could even be considered a copyright protection circumvention
> technology and thus fall under the DMCA. Following this line of thought,
> the DMCA has the potential to outlaw Java, all JVMs, C#, and the CLR <vbg>.
> IANAL, but it is my understanding, that, when software is shipped to a
> customer as a binary, there is an implicit assumption that the internal
> workings of the program are not made available to the customer. Reverse-
> Engineering for me means to find out about the inner workings, and the
> ultimate goal is to get the source code and even design documents.
> Disassembling binary code is considered reverse engineering and it
> does not even give you higher level information about the binary such
> as class names, method names, parameters, etc. So if you can use
> reflection in order to find out the class names, interface names,
> parameters,
> etc. you have even gotten further to the goal of discovering the source
> code.
> Carsten Kuckuk
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