[Mono-list] $MS and patents?

Carsten Kuckuk ck@kuckuk.com
Fri, 7 Sep 2001 11:59:48 +0200

"You won't see an open source project emulating .Net get off the ground
because Microsoft will shut it down with patents," says Gary Hein, an
analyst with The Burton Group. "They are letting these projects go forward
now because they give the idea that there won't be a lock-in to Microsoft
later on."

Just interested in how you would answer this?

IANAL, but there are countries on this planet that don't have software
Germany, for example, is one of those countries. Maybe somebody should do a
comparative study of the law systems of the different parts of the world and
determine the ideal country to be located in in order to create mono, and
then have ximian relocate to that country. Why shouldn't open source
make use of the advantages that gloablization brings?!

Carsten Kuckuk