[Mono-list] Class authors.

Jaime Anguiano Olarra jaime@gcubo.org
07 Oct 2001 21:01:21 +0200

You sure have done it but others may be not...

take a look at this also: .NET Framework Developer Specifications\.NET
Framework Design Guidelines\Naming Guidelines 

They explain how to chose better name spaces so they don't conflict. It
is the "standard" adopted by MS so many others probably will follow
those rules. 

Also: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/techart/cfr.htm 


On mar, 2001-11-06 at 13:36, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello everyone!
>    I recently ran into a set of very interesting documents as part of
> the .NET framework for class developers.  It is the ".NET Framework
> Design Guidelines" which are in the ".NET Framework Developer
> Specifications".
>    Various issues that are relevant to class authors are explained
> there.  I will maintain an appendix document to these set of documents. 
> The appendix would just cover topics which are Mono specific or related
> to the fact that we are authoring the same classes that have already
> been written by Microsoft
> Miguel.
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