[Mono-list] Transformation Tool for XML-based CLI Class Libra ry Definition

John Barnette jbarn@httcb.net
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 12:40:45 -0500

Joel said:
> This is just an FYI to let you know that a tool is now 
> publicly available 
> that takes the XML-based standard CLI Class Library 
> Definition and, through 
> XSL transformation, creates standards-compliant C# stub code 
> for the entire 
> standard. Included in this stub code are the class and member 
> signatures, 
> documentation for the class and members, default return 
> values for members 
> and exceptions thrown by each member. 


Have we determined whether generating stub code in this manner has 
any unfortunate legal side effects?  I dimly recall a couple of threads 
about it a while ago.

If stubs generated in this manner are truly unencumbered, I strongly 
suggest that we consider generating the library and populating the 
stubs with implementation for the classes we've already done.  Not 
only will this give us compliant class, interface, and enum signatures,
but readymade API documentation.

Furthermore, it's probably worthwhile to consider writing a signature 
verifier; it shouldn't be too terrible a task to write a script that 
verifies mono library signatures against the XML definition.


~ j.

> This tool is very useful for CLI library developers to give 
> them a huge head 
> start on their development. Manually coding what the tool produces 
> definitely takes a lot of time and can also be error prone. Also, if 
> standards compliance is part of your end goal, the tool 
> definitely helps 
> provide a big step in that direction. 
> Also, the tool can generate Microsoft* Word document files 
> that provide the 
> complete documentation for every type in the standard. 
> The tool is located at: http://www.intel.com/ids/dotnet under 
> the What's New 
> Section (XML Transformation Tool). It is freely available 
> under the Intel 
> Open Source License (a BSD license with export notice...very 
> liberal). You 
> have to register for IDS to gain access to the tool, but 
> registration is 
> fast and easy. The actual link to the tool is within the PDF 
> document that 
> describes the tool. 
> The latest version of the XML-based CLI Library definition is 
> currently 
> located at: http://www.microsoft.com/net/ecma. 
> Best Regards, 
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> E-Business Solutions Lab 
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