[Mono-list] mockup code

Jason Watkins jason_watkins@pobox.com
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 02:38:27 -0700

Mono is an Open Source implimentation of the .Net framework. It will contain
a compiler for the C# language, which I'd sumarize as being a better java
than java. It will include a Common Language Infrastructure which will load
and execute Common Intermediate Language images. There will also be a class

Most of these things have been developed by MS and standardized through
EMCA. MS's implimentation will, of course, have a super set of the
standard's features. As for what it'll look like to a developer, MS's
implimentation is a good example.

Ultimately, your application code will look much the same as always, if
you're using a language familiar to you that is supported by mono. Go check
out the MS documentation at www.gotdotnet.com, which has samples in VB and

I personally forsee mono becomming a hotbed of language research, since it
will offer the last layer of development for someone who wants to focus on
an interesting language rather than an interesting implimentation. I can't
wait to see Ruby go mono.

jason watkins