[Mono-list] mockup code

Oliver George (Boyer) Oliver.George@norske-skog.com.au
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:25:29 +1000


I'm curious to see some mockup code showing the intended outcome of the mono
project, specifically what it would look like for a developer doing some
simple work.  From my arm chair I understand it to be used as a medium for
accessing libraries, services and objects in a language independent manner.
Don't hold me to that I'm probably wrong.

Has anyone put together some examples of what the outcome will 'look like'?
Some examples which again might miss the mark might be:
- a 5~10 line python client which accesses something across the new
- a simple c library made accessible ...
- a simple object/service ...
- ...

This is just my curiosity, but perhaps adding this to the website would be a
useful way of generating interest in the project and also spark some debate
and resolve issues ahead of schedule.  Making this section Wiki-able would
be nice too.

best wishes, Oliver.