[Mono-list] python scripting

Tobias Florek tflorek@web.de
Sat, 20 Oct 2001 22:48:48 +0200

hi ya devels (notice no i ;) !

i just started being interested in .net. 
as a python programmer, i really know the lack of bindings to some exciting 
libraries. so i plan to enjoy .net.

but i noticed some difficulties.
first there is no reasonable python binding to .net 
  (activestates is slow (no slower than slow!)
second even if activestates would be fast enough, it will never work in my 
linux/hurd environment, due to its need of com+.

so may i ask if there is someone working on a python implementation, and if 
not if i should start a sourceforge thread or work on mono cvs.

my first ideas of python on .net (what about dotpython or .python for short?) 

adapt existing jython (www.jython.org) code.
* that would require only time to port from java to c#.
* no need to re-invent python
* drawbacks:
  * no nice way to use python classes from c#
  * no overwhelming speed (but better than activestates' )

any ideas about that?

tobias florek

<> may the source be with you! <>