[Mono-list] Splitting code update details from general discussion list

Ben Hutchison ben_hutchison@yahoo.com
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 01:51:18 -0700 (PDT)

Recently, an increasing volume of the mono-list content has been the details of
code changes made to the mono codebase. While I am sure this information is
very useful for some, for me and possibly many others, it is more detail than I
wish to see, and makes it can make following the list more difficult. I
subscribe to the digest format, recently the digest files have been growing
larger and harder to navigate.

I would prefer that code diffs and other this technical material be separated
from a general discussion list. I want to follow Mono's progress, and wish it
to succeed, but at this point at least, I dont want to know all about its

Another possibility is to expose Mono-list traffic through a synchronized
mailing-list and nntp server simultaneously. This has been successfully
implemented by eg Java IDE project Netbeans.org, and there I find it very
useful. This allows the bandwitdth-limited reader to select which articles they
download based upon the subject line.



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