[Mono-list] Cryptographic Classes

Thomas Neidhart tome@sbox.tugraz.at
Sun, 7 Oct 2001 00:19:14 +0200


i am now working on the System.Security.Cryptography Namespace, and i have 
now realised how Microsoft has organised their Cryptographic Classes:

For each Algorithm that has been implemented there exists an 
AlgorithmXXXCryptoServiceProvider Class and probably a AlgorithmXXXManaged 
Class (not necessary).

The CryptoServiceProvider (CSP) Classes are only wrappers to installed CSP's 
on the Windows System. So if you want to use another CSP, just install it, 
and register it as the default CSP.

Now i have some questions:

Does anybody has already made some thoughts about this topic?
How do i access unmanaged dll's from within ".net" (with PInvoke)?
How do i access the windows registry from within ".net" (for default CSP)?
Are there similar concepts on other OS's (CSP's)?
Will Mono also support CSP's or will there be a hard-coded CSP (probably only 
if OS != Windows)?

Bye Thomas
Thomas Neidhart
Telematics Student at Graz University of Technology, Austria
Mailto: tome@sbox.tugraz.at