[Mono-list] Zip file support

Gerry Shaw gerry_shaw@yahoo.com
Sat, 6 Oct 2001 01:37:06 -0700

I have started a set of classes modeled after the java.util.zip package
for .NET using zlib and the zip file helper functions added by Gilles

Currently only viewing is working, but I've tested extracting and had it
working.  I don't anticipate any problems in completing the whole
package.  I'll be releasing standalone so that windows developers can
use it, but I think it would pretty sweet to make it built into to Mono.

Anyways for those that are interested you can grab the goods here:
(that's a lot of zip's)

For those that are interested here is a link to the modified version of
zlib.dll that I'm using.  It basically just adds the minizip stuff that
Gilles wrote.  This should port over to Linux without a problem.

Here is an example run:

[511] [~/zip] nant clean release build
Buildfile: c:\work\zip\Zip.build
   [tstamp] 06/10/2001 1:23:23 AM
     [echo] Building zip-0.0.1

   [delete] Deleting directory c:\work\zip\build


    [mkdir] Creating directory c:\work\zip\build
     [copy] Copying 2 files to c:\work\zip\build
      [csc] Compiling 6 files to c:\work\zip\build\Zip.dll
      [csc] Compiling 1 files to c:\work\zip\build\ViewZip.exe
      [csc] Compiling 5 files to c:\work\zip\build\Zip.Tests.dll
     [copy] Copying 1 files to c:\work\zip\build
     [exec] ViewZip.exe
                zlib.dll  53760 bytes  50% 27/07/2000 1:13:02 AM
                Crc32.cs   7028 bytes  62% 29/09/2001 2:02:38 PM
            IChecksum.cs    290 bytes  44% 29/09/2001 2:06:52 PM
      TestApplication.cs     79 bytes   9% 29/09/2001 2:58:08 PM
         ZipException.cs   1979 bytes  70% 29/09/2001 2:16:54 PM
              ZipFile.cs   3529 bytes  74% 29/09/2001 11:13:58 PM
             ZipFile.exe  10240 bytes  54% 29/09/2001 11:13:12 PM
             ZipFile.pdb  32256 bytes  83% 29/09/2001 11:13:12 PM
              Adler32.cs   4151 bytes  70% 29/09/2001 2:05:32 PM


Total time: 6 seconds

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