Fwd: Re: [Mono-list] some questions?

Ravi Pratap M ravi@che.iitm.ac.in
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 20:18:34 +0530 (IST)

On 30 Jul 2001, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> > THIS QUESTION IS FOR MIGUEL: Would you accept it (a VB.NET compiler) on
> > Mono?
> Yes.  Indeed Ravi Pratap who has worked on GNOME Basic in the past was
> interested in working on such a task.

	Indeed :-) Having worked hard on getting a VB 6.0 parser pretty
much in good working condition, I think we can re-use some of the efforts
put into GNOME Basic although a chunk of it will have to be re-written
IMHO :-)

	It seems like we can join forces on this :-)



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