[Mono-list] Compromises, and the lack thereof

Sam Ruby rubys@us.ibm.com
Sun, 29 Jul 2001 08:32:57 -0400

Rhys Weatherley wrote:
> Besides, I have already offered a compromise to Miguel:
> Portable.NET concentrates on the C# compiler and toolchain
> issues, and Mono concentrates on the C# library.  We each
> use each other's work and agree not to step on each other's
> toes.  This proposal, involving concessions on both sides,
> was rejected by Miguel.  He wants to own everything.

My experience is primarily with Apache projects, but I imagine that same
concepts apply here.

One thing we talk about frequently on Apache is a concept of "Software
Darwinism".  In a nutshell, we tolerate duplication as long as the
participants are taking a different technical approach to the problem.
Ultimately, one is likely to win out - evolution is not always kind - but
until then, opinions as to which one is likely to win are just that -

In this case, Miguel has an itch to scratch - he would like to see a
reflection based assembler written in C#.  He seems to acknowledge that the
presence of another assembler based on another approach will reduce the
itch, but maintains that such an assembler would not eliminate the itch
entirely.  From what I can see - if someone were to step forward and take
this todo item - in the spirit that Miguel intended - then such assistance
would be eagerly accepted.

Always remember, this is not a cathedral, but rather a bazaar.  No one
person or project owns the unique rights to implement a CIL assembler.  Nor
should any project be asked to give up that right in the spirit of

It generally is an indication that talks have broken down when participants
of one side start attributing motives to the other side.

- Sam Ruby