[Mono-list] JVM performance: JVM as a basis for CLR

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Can't find the document anymore. The have restructed the MSDN site,
can't find anything anymore.

- Patrik

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Do you have a URL for that?  (All I've been able to find is an older
version of the same comparison which they used to show that COM+'s
speed).  I'd be interested to see what they used for the "J2EE"
implementations.  See, to me, the most fair comparison to ASP.NET is JSP
running on Jakarta, the Java Servlet reference implementation, both
running against the same web server: IIS.  However, I don't really
picture them using that in a test.  I'd be interested to see if they did
that or went all the way to the JWS (Java Web
Server) that Sun sells for their comparison, which is a 100% Java web
server and isn't known for breakneck speed.

If they have the actual code for the ASP.NET version available, it would
likely be a simple port back to Jakarta.  I might do some playing with
it next week.

Jay Freeman (saurik)

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> > Let me state it clearly again: I am really interested
> > in seeing and understanding test cases where a CLR (theoretically or

> > practically) outperforms a JVM. I'm asking out of technical 
> > interest, to understand both systems better, not to win an argument.
> > But the existence or non-existence of
> > such cases also should be an important data point
> > for the choices Mono makes wrt. a CLR implementation.
> There was the .NET version of the Nile.com ASP.NET sample site that MS

> put out a while ago.....it was faster than the ASP/VC++/COM and 
> ASP/VB/COM solution which were in turn faster than the various J2EE 
> versions if I remember correctly.
> Kunle

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