[Mono-list] mcs-19 released!

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:03:29 -0400

Hey guys!

   So we have got a collection of new contributions in!  I am doing
this release because I know some of you wanted to work on the missing
implementations and bugs in the various "core" value types.  I have
added a few, because I am trying to get the core libraries to
bootstrap, and have them running on mono-int.

   Lots of changes for 2 days.  And we are not even using CVS yet.

   There is no release of the new mono runtime yet, only the class
libraries.  The mono runtime is in a state of flux right now.

   Lets get down to business!

   As usual, http://www.go-mono.com/download.html is your provider of goodies! 

* What is new and exciting!

	* John Barnette has written StringCollection, StringEnumerator
	  and StringIterator as well as tests for StringCollection.

	* Jason Diamon provided more Xml classes, and updated a few of
	  his existing implementations, and we got more test cases as

	* Duco wrote TimeSpan.cs

	* UriFormatException from Scott

	* Char, Byte, SByte, Single, Double.  They have the same
	  problems the other Int??? have: implementations are barely
	  there.  I had to write those in an attempt to get a "pure"
	  corlib that did not depend on mscorlib.dll to run on Mono

	* String got a new boyer moore implementation.  Still not
	  compilable though (From Jeff)

	* BitArray implementation from David (althoug he forgot to use
	  nice headers in his source, so I almost attribute his work
	  to someone else ;-).  Slick.  He gets slick points because
	  he also provided a nice test suite. 

	* Sergey did a bunch of work on the comparers:
	  CaseInsensitiveComparer, CaseInsensitiveHashCodeProvider
	  (god, who comes up with those names?  Back in my day we used
	  to make fun of those names, ah those days).  

	* Sergey also corrected me.  IDictionary implement
	  ICollection, which explains one or two things (d.Count ;-)

	* Garret provided a new, improved, and freshened version of
	  Stack with the comments from various guys on the list.

	* Marcin provided us MemoryStream.  Beautiful code, and has
	  various LAMESPEC tags in there.  Worth taking a look at the

	* Marcin also provided improved versions of StringReader and

* Layout

	I have moved the files from System.XML to
	System.XML/System.Xml to match the layout that is used
 	on the rest of the class libraries. 

	Each assembly directory now contains a directory called `Test'
	where the tests are being placed.  No makefiles for doing a
	toplevel make, sorry.  If someone wants to help, please, go