[Mono-list] Which classes are not ECMA?

Marcey, Joel I joel.i.marcey@intel.com
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 12:37:50 -0700

Hey Bob,

I am not aware of such a specific comparison. However, back in October of
last year, Microsoft had a list of ALL the classes that it submitted to ECMA
for standardization. What is being standardized in ECMA now for version 1 of
the standard is a subset of these classes. The rest of the classes are
available to be standardized for future versions of the ECMA standard. Take
note, however, that this list may not be totally current as a few classes
may have been added or removed during the progress of the ECMA meetings, but
it should give you a good idea.


- Joel 

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Is there a list of .Net related classes NOT submitted to ECMA? Or a 
comparison of ECMA vs. non-ECMA classes?
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